Investment Policy Statement

Our investment policy is formed around your financial plan.


This allows you, and us, great flexibility, and dismisses the notion that your money life can neatly fit into a fabricated financial box. To do this, in accordance with our mission and values, we follow a few principles.


Among these principles:

  • What works for your friend or neighbor may not, and does not have to, work for you
  • Because of this, diversification looks different vis-à-vis your assets, beliefs, abilities, and goals; and diversification is important
  • Furthermore, no singular benchmark – of a market index or a status in life – will properly measure your plan; it is your plan
  • As much as possible and allowable, our asset management will consider taxes; this importantly considers/anticipates future tax implications, e.g., using whole life insurance or Roth accounts.
  • An awareness of net fees and costs is important
  • Active asset management continues to have its advantages



When developing your financial plan, our investment policy is typically developed on:

  • The overall goal – with its myriad objectives and changing priorities
  • Your money needs and abilities
  • The risk tolerance allowed to achieve the goal including your thoughts and feelings on markets, economies, investments, and insurance
  • The time horizon needed to achieve the goal
  • Your and our asset management beliefs
  • Costs and fee consideration to implement the goal


To this end, we will utilize mutual funds, exchange traded products, individual stock and bond securities. At times, it may be suitable to use options products. We also affirm our commitment to insurance products like whole life insurance or disability income insurance. These can play a pivotal role in risk management and diversification.