Insurance Exam Prep

1. What is an insurance physical?
An insurance physical is an examination required by the insurance company that you have selected for your life or disability income insurance. Based on your age and amount of policy, certain tests are necessary to determine your insurability. The results are confidential, but can be available to your physician if a written request is sent by you to your agent.
2. What might it entail?
a) Basic exam: This includes your medical history, height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and usually a urine specimen. Allow 30 minutes for this exam.
b) Blood profile: This is either a blood draw or finger stick including a urine specimen. Drinking water prior to hydrate the veins is very helpful. This takes 10-15 minutes.
c) EKG: this is an electrocardiogram which is a tracing of the electrical impulses of the heart. This is done in a reclining position. The applicant must disrobe from above the waist. The time frame is usually 20 minutes.
d) Other tests such as a treadmill or x-ray may be warranted, and the applicant must go to a medical facility for these tests.
These tests (other than part d above) can be performed in home or office or an examiner's facility based on limiting factors.
3. How can one prepare for a physical?
a) Get a good night’s rest the evening prior to the exam.
b) Fast 4-6 hours before the exam. Water is allowed.
c) Take all prescription medication before the exam.
d) Stay clear of salt, fat, and sugar rich foods prior to exam.
e) Avoid excessive physical activity prior to exam, i.e. aerobics, strenuous exercise, hiking, or jogging.
f) Stick with decaffeinated products to help blood pressure maintain at normal levels.
g) Have medical information such as physician names and addresses handy for examiner.
4. What do I need to remember before my exam?
Most important are items listed in #3. Drink water to allow for an easier blood draw and to provide for the voiding of a urine specimen. Remember to fast, if required. If pregnant, fasting is not required.
5. What if I need to cancel my appointment?
As your exam was likely scheduled with our help, please contact us to reschedule. 
Please do not put off your appointment as the application has a deadline.